Access Kibana outside the windows server it is running on?


I am trying to access Kibana outside of the Windows server it is running on. I am able to access Marvel with serverName:9200/_plugin/marvel, but I can't seem to access Kibana outside of the windows server it is running on. It´s running on localhost:5601 locally just fine, but outside of the server it´s not responding to serverName:5601. Do I need to do something on the server to have able to communicate out?


Unless you've configured Kibana to listen on the loopback interface you should be fine. Of course, there might be a firewall rules that blocks the access.

"Not responding to serverName:5601" means what, connection refused?

Connection refused, yes.

Does it mean that it might be a firewall blocking the port?

Yes, that's certainly a possibility. I'd also check with netstat -an that Kibana is actually listening on non-loopback interfaces. is in listening state with under Foreign Address. That seem ok, does it not?

No, I would've expected to see as the local address, or the address of the non-loopback interface.

Hmm. And how do I solve that?

I would expect there to be a configuration option to choose what it should listen on. It should definitely default to, but it's something to double-check.

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