How to access kibana from remote machines

Hi there!

I have elasticsearch,logstash, and kibana on my local machine.
I wanted to access kibana from remote machines. Its working fine on localhost. In kibana.yml file I tried few ways:

  1. "" --- to access from remote machines.
  2. my ip address ( So on remote machine , when I give myipaddress:5601 unable to see kibana UI).

Is there any other ways to access:

Did you restart Kibana after making the change?

yes I did. But, still unable to access remotely.

Can you try to curl the host from another one on that port?

okay. I will try now.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you even try to see if the port 5601 is open? May be try telnetting to your kibana host on port 5601 that should give you the idea whether the port is open or not.

Even I guess try looking at kibana logs that will even given you idea whether kibana has started and bound to the address.

I tried to curl the host from another m/c . I got like this

So, when two machines are near by . I am able to access kibana on both machines.
But I am not able to access kibana when the remote machine is far away.

I am thinking two machinese (the remote m/c and the m/c in which kibana is running) are connected to same network so I am able to access.

To access remotely do I need to use web server like AWS to host my kibana?

Please don't post pictures of text, they are difficult to read and some people may not be even able to see them :slight_smile:

Is it a firewall?

oh I see sorry.

Even I enabled "ufw" firewall, but not working though.

can you paste below output for me?

sudo ss -tln | grep 5601

It seems network issue as you said its working in one network while its not working in other


This is the output I got.

So this is listening on all the ports and it should not be any issue at all. Is there any selinux running that might be not allowing port to connect?

Can you pls explain what is exact issue from IP address perspective?

did you configure web server ??

hope this tutorial will work for you ...

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