Grafana, Elasticsearch, Logstash and graphing SNMP traffic stats

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Hello all
Newbie to this environ
I'm trialling an ELK setup for log and performance stats
I have
Logstash with Collectd - poilling and pulling in stats - that works
Then Elastic Search and on top of that Kibana and Grafana
(not entirely sure this is the optimal setup but getting there)
I can see the snmp counters that are being polled and they are visible in Kibana and Grafana
My issue is how to graph them - so with ifoctets whats the query I need to actually produce a traffic graph as opposed to an ever increasing line
As an example on my first attempt, and based on some quick googling, I am using
"SELECT 8 * (derivative (mean"value"),120s ) AS "value" FROM host: "" AND collectd_type: "$if_octets" AND type_instance: "FastEthernet1_0_21" WHERE "column" = 'rx' GROUP BY time"
However all I can see if an ever increasing line. The info I have seen online advises to use a MEAN metric but I cant see that in my grafana interface.
Any pointers gratefully received. Thanks

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I think this was posted in the wrong area, Graph is different from Grafana :slight_smile:

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Apologies - cant see a grafana group - should I just post it to the logstash general one?

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I moved it to the Ecosystem area :slight_smile:

(Jason) #5

Much appreciated

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