Grant read privileges to specific documentss


I want to create a role that can read only specific documents.
For example:
User A can only read documents where professional_id = 49

Now I want to display a default currency for each user
For example, user A when consults his dashboard the default currency is EUR, and he can change it using the filters.

How can achieve this

Hi @hiba

For the first part of your question you are referring to Document Level Security. This capability is a commercial feature and requires a paid license.

The second question change the currency / value of a document based on a filter / drop down on a dashboard, I do not think that is possible today , if I understand your requirement.

Hi @stephenb ,

Thanks for your reply.

For the first part, I already have a paid license.

For the second question, I want to assign a default currency to each user.
For example user A, when he consults his dashboard the default totals are in EUR and he will have the possibility to change the currency to USD

Is there a way to create a role like this
(If user A the default currency to display is EUR )

Hi @hiba

I do not know a way to create a role / totals like that with OOTB roles and dashboards.

@Stratoula_Kalafateli Do you have any ideas?

No we dont't support this. You can always create an enhancement request to our public repo and we will evaluate!

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