Graph not resolving entities


I am not sure if the graph is the correct tool to solve my use case

Let's say I have the following data structure, it is not time-based. Each row contains a Name and a Permission. I have a total of 4862 rows in my dataset that I want to analyze that way.

Name: "Philipp"; Permission: "Andreas"
Name: "Philipp"; Permission: "Mario"
Name: "Andreas"; Permission: "Mario"

So in the graph I would expect something like this: (Key = Permission, House = Name)

Somehow in my Kibana graph, I cannot get it to work.
When I graph it looks something like this:

I can hit "Expand Selection" as much as I want, there is nothing going on. If I use the drill-down feature and check my dataset, it shows 160 hits where Name: HelpDesk. It should show me the key icon for each Permission: ....

Any idea what I am doing wrong? Is my dataset wrong? Do I need todo something else?

Best regards Philipp

It seems like you want to see all connections. By default Graph is configured to tune out noise in your data. To do so, it will only show a connection if it is confirmed by at least three documents.

You can change this value and set it to one by clicking the "Settings" button in the menu and setting "Certainty" to 1. For your use case it seems like you can turn of "Significant links" as well - that option makes more sense if you have a very large, noisy data set.

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