Greater Than/Less Than filters on facets

Is there a way to filter results where a facet value is >= or <= a given value?

Hey @eric_m1,

Could you clarify which product you're asking about? If you're asking about Site Search, as the post is tagged, then you might be looking for these docs: Filtering | Swiftype Documentation.

Hi @ross.bell ,

It is for Site Search. I have looked at the documentation you linked to before field types supported included integer and I know we can filter where the value is in a range but if we had a field such as ports and wanted to get results were ports was >= 5 is there a way to do this?

You don't have to specify both ends of a range filter. You could use something like:

  "type": "range",
  "from": 5

In the above case, ports needs to be of type integer or float.

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