Grok-Debugger API-Endpoint


I'd like to use the grokdebuggerof the devtools via an api-endpoint.
Unfortunally I can't find any documentation of this, is this tool even available via the rest-api?

Hi @justin_sch,

I'm not aware of a way to use the Grok Debugger aside from via Kibana. So I'm not sure it's available via a public REST API.

What's the point of Grok APIs?
You have also online version Test grok patterns

I'm currently developing an application that can create grok patterns with large language models and it would be perfect to test these patterns automatically via an api.

There is ES ingestion grok, maybe you can try it or investigate what Kibana use in the background for Grok Debugger.

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@Rios works perfectly for my use-case, thanks for the idea!

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