Grok debugger parse problem

Good day, I have some problem when I am trying to debug Grok pattern via Kibana

For some reasons, it is not matching, but should. Fe from
I can parse it without problems:

Can you please check it, looks like patterns with "/n" with multiline log not possible to parse them with kibana debugger.

Sample data:

[2021-04-14 13:29:46,517] [DEBUG] [http-] []
ID: 123123 - OUTBOUND message
Request processing time: 23ms
HTTP response header names: X-Powered-By
* X-Powered-By: Servlet/3.0; JBossAS-6
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">soap:Body<ns2:logoutResponse xmlns:ns2=""/></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>


%{DATESTAMP:date}] [%{WORD:level}%{SPACE}] [%{DATA:threadId}] [%{JAVACLASS:className}] []%{SPACE} \n-------------------------\n((?:ID|\G): %{NUMBER:message_id}) - %{WORD:type_msg} message\n((?:Request processing time|\G): %{NUMBER:processing_time_milliseconds:I}ms)\nHTTP response header names: X-Powered-By\n%{GREEDYDATA}

Kibana v7.9.3

Can you open an issue with your findings in the Kibana repo on Github?

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