Grok pattern - string parsed as original log format

Good day,
So I have my log message field parsed as separe fields via ingest pipeline and grok processor, but only one of these field is parsed in log logstash format. Better explain it with specific example.
This is my log:
{"@timestamp":"2021-08-27T10:53:04.669661+02:00","@version":1,"host":"fafca1a6b0d9","message":"Loose white designer T-Shirt,L,29,1,sylius,1","type":"sylius","channel":"app","level":"INFO","monolog_level":200}

This is my simple ingest pipeline:

    "grok": {
      "field": "message",
      "patterns": [
    "remove": {
      "field": "message"

Every field is parsed correctly only problem is with product-name field. It has value:
{"@Timestamp":"2021-08-27t11:40:28.159124+02:00","@version":1,"host":"fafca1a6b0d9","message":"Loose white designer T-Shirt
Value is parsed in a original logstash format that is cut in half. I only want to parse 'Loose white designer T-Shirt' value Is something wrong in my grok pattern? I have tried to debug it grokdebugger and It was parsed correctly,
Thank you for any hints

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