Group By Aggregation by more than 2 fields using Java API

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I am using the JAVA API of Elasticsearch 6.3.0. I want to create a group by aggregation for more than 2 fields. Currently what I have is the following

        TermsAggregationBuilder termsAggregationBuilder = null;
        for (String dimension : groupBy.getDimensions()) {
            if (termsAggregationBuilder == null) {
                termsAggregationBuilder = AggregationBuilders.terms("_" + dimension).field("dimensions." + dimension + ".keyword");
            } else {
                termsAggregationBuilder.subAggregation(AggregationBuilders.terms("_" + dimension).field("dimensions." + dimension + ".keyword"));

The problem with this approach is that when I want to try more than 2 fields as group by, I only get results where the first fields is always present and the 2nd and 3rd fields are intermittently present (some has 2nd field, some has 3rd field)


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