Java API client 7.16.3 : handling for loops in terms aggregations


I struggle to do aggregations on multiple terms using the new Java API, whenever using loops.

I have a map of terms I need to aggregate on with their renamed value that I need to loop on.

I have tried the following code, but I can't return the builder instead of the aggregations.

co.elastic.clients.elasticsearch.core.SearchRequest.Builder searchBuilder = co.elastic.clients.elasticsearch.core.SearchRequest.of(b1 -> b1
            .aggregations("agg", (b2, c2) -> {
                    for (Map.Entry<String, String> fieldEntry : fieldNames.entrySet()) {
                        String esField = fieldEntry.getKey();
                        String renamedValue : fieldNames.get(esField);
                        b2.terms(b3 ->
                    return b2;

How should I change the code to solve this issue ?

I am using the version 7.16.3 of the new Java API.


I actually found out my issue : I used a terms aggregation instead of a composite aggregation, which is what I intended to run at the beginning.
Here is the updated code.

searchBuilder.aggregations("agg", b2 ->
                b2.composite( c ->
                    CompositeAggregationSource.Builder builderComposite = new CompositeAggregationSource.Builder();
                    Map<String, CompositeAggregationSource> sourceMap= new HashMap<>();
                    for (Map.Entry<String, List<String>> fieldEntry : fieldNames.entrySet()) {
                        String esField = fieldEntry.getKey();
                        String renamedValue = fieldNames.getValue();
                        builderComposite.terms(t -> t
                    return c;

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