Group by timestamp proximity


I have several logs with a timestamp field and I want them to group by similar timestamps.

For example, group all the logs with timestamps that are spaced less than 30min between each log.

What I want is similar to the date histogram aggregation but I don't want a pre-defined time interval.

I DON'T WANT to group all the logs that exist in a 30min period.
I WANT to group a log (Log1) with another log (Log2) that exists within 30min from the first one. That is, timestampLog2-timestampLog1 < 30min.
Then, group a log (Log3) that exists within 30min from the last one (Log2). That is, timestampLog3-timestampLog2 < 30min.

Is there anyway to do this? Even if I have to do this in separate queries (for eg. getting the ranges first and grouping after).


Hey @Tomas_Law there isn't a way to do this currently with an Elastisearch query where you'd have dynamic buckets, so there isn't a way to do this via Kibana.

Perhaps you could modify the way you're ingesting your data to write these "groups" in the documents so that you can use them within Kibana?

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