Kibana Transforms

I use Pivot to group data within the Transforms section in Kibana.

I'm wondering if its possible to group by a certain field within a defined time intervall?

In my case I would like to group by a field only within a day (00:00 - 24:00). Group by shall split by midnight.

Do you have any hints how to implement this requirement?


You can in addition to your existing grouping add a date_histogram group_by:

    "group_by": { 
      "timestamp": {
        "date_histogram": {
          "field": "timestamp",
          "calendar_interval": "1d"
      "myfield": {
        "terms": {
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I'm sorry I'm not so advanced thinker...

I give you more insights bc not able to follow your post.

In Kibana I created Runtime Field using following script:

emit(doc['@timestamp.max'].value.millis - doc['@timestamp.min'].value.millis)

The group_by function is implemented with "Transforms" function. The new index is already prepared.
I only need to extend the Runtime Field with above functionalitiy: split by midnight or daily buckets.

You can choose a date_histogram based group_by in the UI:

(I clicked on Add a group by field)

A runtime field allows you to manipulate single documents, it can not be used to split data sets.

In order to add the date_histogram you have to create a new transform, to not start from scratch, select your existing one and choose clone.

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