Group fields in a visualization for time series

Hi, im new in Elastic and i want to build some visualization of this table:
But when building both lens or line chart or vega-lite (in this one i really dont know how to achieve a visualization) but for the other ones i have the problem that for composite name as you can see i have repeated names but different values and when trying to make the viz, i have only 4 data point through time.

So what i need to achieve is in somehow group composite_names and composite_revision in x and in y the values of num_instances. For now the only way i can see the right behavior is if a choose by "_id" in term aggregation for "Line" visualization

I hope you can understand the problem that i want to resolve. Thank you

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Hi. As I understand it, you're trying to do the equivalent of a GROUP BY in SQL with name and revision being your GROUP BY fields.

EDIT: Use @Marco_Liberati 's solution below

Have you tried already multi-terms in Lens? That sounds a possible solution to me.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 09.19.54