Group same errors on .keyword

I'm trying to group same errors on kibana with elk stack
however when I visualise data by Error not all errors are there I'm visualising data on err_message.keyword field.
What I noticed is that long strings are not there where small strings are there and can be grouped fine.
Is there some limit on .keyword field type sometimes err_message have like 400 chars here and can't be visualised.

When I click on add missing and group other values I can see the Other and Missing values in err_message.keyword
Can you tell me how can I resolve this issue?

What is the elasticsearch mapping for the field err_message.keyword? If elasticsearch created the field mapping by default then it will probably look something like the below and the keyword field is getting trimmed at 256 characters.

          "agent" : {
            "type" : "text",
            "fields" : {
              "keyword" : {
                "type" : "keyword",
                "ignore_above" : 256

I wish to get only err_message.keyword having ignore_above equal to 200000 ,right now I'm using this is applied to every .keyword

Can anybody help me how to make it with only one err_message.keyword?

"tomcat-template": {
"order": 0,
"index_patterns": [
"settings": {},
"mappings": {
"doc": {
"dynamic_templates": [
"strings": {
"match_mapping_type": "string",
"mapping": {
"type": "text",
"fields": {
"keyword": {
"type": "keyword",
"ignore_above": 200000
"aliases": {}

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