Gsub with regex


My regex is matching my condition on my ingest pipeline, however I am struggling to wrap my found string with quotes for the replacement.


    "gsub": {
      "field": "message",
      "pattern": "\b[0-9]+\b(?!')",
      "replacement": """\\1"""

Sample data.

'eventId': '82102699', 'status': 'Live-Processing', 'duration': 904, 'eventStartTime': '1673052296'

The regex works and I can replace the 904, What I can't work out is how to provide this value as 'number' e.g. '904'. escaping the value with the backslashes means I end up with a literal '\1' as the value, any ideas?

I fixed it with

"gsub": {
  "field": "message",
  "pattern": "(\\b[0-9]+\\b(?!'))",
  "replacement": "'$1'"

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