Guidance for Production ELK stack box size and other memory components discuss

Hello All,

Can anyone share the information about production configuration Box for ELK stack.

Actually my aim to design centralised ELK Server with (Elastic+Logstash+Kibana installation) with sufficient memory configuration and resources. Moreover, I will have to connect MySQL database servers. and I want send below data from MySQL servers to ELK stack.

Plan to configure like below :

  1. There will be couple of MySQL server with 4 its instances each mean total 8 MySQL send their error logs and slow logs ----> Logstash ---> ES---> Kibana

  2. Have 50+ JDBC input(with respective of 10 instances of MySQL with simple select queries) from Logstash ------> ES and display stats with Kibana

input {
jdbc {
query-3 from mysql
jdbc {
query-1 from mysql
jdbc {
query-2 from mysql
Need your help to decide

Question-1 : What size of sever i will be procured ?
Question-2 : How much need memory+ disk+ cores etc technically ?
Question-3 : Security suggestions

Thanks in advance !!!!

Without knowing how much data this will generate or how long you are going to keep the data it is hard to give any recommendations.

let me share you one data stats of my pilot project with testing server.


@ [Christian_Dahlqvist]

here above snap which I started as pilot/test to actual work load and its captured continuous data from last 3 weeks. yesterday, I stopped because need to decide other things.

Now what you say about this ?

It does not tell me anything apart from that you have far too many small indices and shards.

So you can tell me which information I will provide that can be more confidently said about my requirement ?

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