Guidance for simple elasticsearch project

Hi ! Im making a simple demo project for a certein bank. The project goes like this, they're gonna use it to search using a account number and return results even using a wild card. My problem is on how to make the Front end for the elasticsearch. Im done on ingesting the data to elasticsearch single node ( I haven't set the cluster yet because its just a demo and POC ) now Im currently having problem on what to use on the front end or for the user to interact with. Any thoughts, guidance and suggestin over this please?.

If you need help, you need to describe what are your problems, what is the programming language...

Have a look at Kibana and may be you won't need to create any front end for your POC :wink:

The problem is I don't have any idea on what to use to create a simple user interface where a user can interact to use elasticsearch (Just like a simple google search box)

I have used the kibana but I need it fully customize like displaying a certain column names , also I gonna make it user authenticated ( Web app maybe my first option)

I want some suggestion and guidance on what is the best option or what programming language can I use.


In Kibana you can select column names.
XPack (commercial plugin but 30 days free period which is ok for a POC) adds login/password to authenticate users in Kibana.

Again, in which front end language are you comfortable?

HTML and javascript would be good to my side. Do you have any idea on how to integrate it with that. Or any links about doing simple search project.

I wrote a very old project in 2012:

Not sure if it still accurate those days as it was using elasticsearch 0.19..

I'd encourage you looking at

This can help may be.

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