Guidance on Configuring an ELK Stack using seperate hosts for Logstash, Elastic (Master, Data, Ingest) and Kibana

I'm looking to confiugre an ELK stack using the following seperated VM's for cost and scaling in a CSP.

Lselk.gtld. (Logstash)

Melk.gtld. (Master)

Ielk.gtld. (Ingest)

Delk.gtld (hot_data)

Wdelk.gtld (warm_data)

Kelk.gtld (kibana for ELK)

I'm hoping to publish a How-To on how to do this. However there's very little in the way of going about this beyond installing ELK on every node. My primary considerations are the Scaling of the Hot_Data for Elastic and Warm_Data nodes as well as making sure the Kibana is geared for heavy use.

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Discovery | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic goes into the aspects of clustering your nodes.

That's very much an It Depends answer.

I would encourage you to check out some of the other sizing topics that have been asked and see if they provide some more information for you to look at.

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