Guidance on running Kibana with a CDN

When we upgraded Kibana recently, the scripts for the plugins stopped working. It seems they were attempting to pull from the CDN but they would fail. We finally cleared the cache on the CDN and everything started working again but that brought up the question of if there's any guidance for running Kibana with a CDN. Is there any official guidance that I'm not finding or does anyone have any experience doing this?

What plugins are you referring to?

I'm not exactly sure. I know we have some custom plugins but I think there are also some that are free for us to use. I just know that, when we were having the problem, I could see "xxx.plugins.js' files failing to load after the Kibana upgrade from 7.17.4 to 7.17.6. It happened in every cluster we upgraded in every global region. Immediately after the upgrade, everything seems fine. Then, specific dashboards begin to fail and the problem spreads to other dashboards. Clearing the CDN cache resolves the issue but we would like to know if we can avoid having to do that. We would also like to know if this is expected behavior or if our CDN could be part of the issue. Any help or information you can give is greatly appreciated.

I don't believe Kibana was designed with a CDN in mind to be honest, so I am not sure if we can provide much guidance beyond clearing the cache.

Fair enough. Thank you.

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