Guidelines for build APM Agent based on the intake API


I'd like to build the APM Agent based on the intake API, do we have any document about how to do it?

And for Mobile Platform(Android/iOS), do we have any roadmap about it?

  1. Monitor the API roundtrip performance.
  2. Monitor the Mobile device performance, e.g. FPS.

Hi and welcome to the forum :wave:

Mobile agents is something we may look into in the future but there are no concrete plans to share yet.

We have some docs on how to develop an agent, although it's not entirely complete.

Are you planning to implement something to manually instrument your application or are you also looking into ways to auto-instrument your (possible at build time)?

How would you define a transaction? Would you, for example, create a transaction when a button is pressed that includes the time for all the actions it triggers? Or would you create a transaction for each API calls?

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