[HADOOP] Add custom mapping configuration key

Hi, maybe it makes sense to allow customizing the mapping in the creation of an index?

For example, when a table is created from SparkSql and the index does not exist, there could be a configuration option that allows custom creation of the index like this:

    CREATE TABLE testMapping (id int, name string, surname string) USING org.elasticsearch.spark.sql OPTIONS (
        es.resource  'testMapping',
        es.mapping.definition '{ "settings": {
                                               "number_of_shards": 3,
                                               "number_of_replicas": 2
                                 "mappings": {
                                                               "id": { "type": "integer" }
        es.nodes '',
        es.port '9200');

    insert into testMapping  values (1, 'elastic', 'elastic-hadoop');

In my opinion, it does not have a great impact on the code and can make the solution much more flexible. The code could be something like this: Custom mapping feature

Thank you very much

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