Handle big numbers in elasticsearch


I need to store big ints that can have more than 20 numbers. I tried with long and double in the mappings for my numeric fields, but none of them work. I can't put them in text fields either, because that doesn't allow me to treat them as numerical values in Kibana.

Is there a way to store these values without errors and without loss of precision, and to be able to process them as numerical values in Kibana?


Unsigned Long?

Thanks but I need to handle numbers with more than 20 figures, it can be 30 figure numbers so unsigned long so it doesn't fit. Are there any other ways ?

You can use keyword... You can sort, compare and range I believe but you can not do math.

Perhaps someone else will have a suggestion.

Ohh and BTW @max4b Welcome to the community.

This is what I use for the moment, but it is limiting because I would need to perform algebraic operations on the fields, or even just group them by interval, and it isn't possible with keywords. Thanks for the welcome !

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