Handling database references in elasticsearch-river-mongodb


We are using grails, mongodb and elasticsearch in our application and our
current implementation uses grails-elasticsearch plugin indexing which is
very slow and CPU intensive.

We index our customer data and we are using mostly database reference in
our mongodb document instead of embedded collections.

Our Person object will look like,

{ "_id" : ObjectId( "4e730524744e7ce293099379" ),
"biography" : { "$ref" : "person",
"$id" : ObjectId( "4e730524744e7ce29309937a" ) },
"location" : { "$ref" : "person",
"$id" : ObjectId( "4e730524744e7ce29309937b" ) },
"owner" : { "$ref" : "person",
"$id" : ObjectId( "4e730521744e7ce29309926a" ) },
"title" : "Jenny Doc",
"version" : 1,
"dateCreated" : Date( 1316160804915 ),
"lastUpdated" : Date( 1316160804915 ) }

and indexed the same way in elasticsearch.

So we are thinking of elasticsearch-mongo river solution but we are not
quite sure how to index the complete doc in elasticsearch (may be as
embedded) without database references as they are required for our textual
search?? we dont know how to solve this issue.

A quick solution i am thinking of is, create a collection with required
data (from all the references from the person document) and index the
collection in elasticsearch using river but I am not sure whether it is
right way of doing it.

Kindly advice. Thanks in advance.

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