Handling of flagged PM

(Costin Leau) #1

The current behaviour of flagged private messages seems a bit counter-intuitive:

  1. all moderators seem to receive a notification about it but to some it was unclear why they received it.
  2. replying to flagged PM causes the responder to become a participant in the discussion. Which is surprising because:
    a. it's a private message so third parties getting involved is not what one would expect.
    b. both the one that flagged the thread as well as the potential offender see the other replies from moderators trying to weight in.
    c. two moderators replied and they both assumed they replied to the one that flagged the message.

While 1) can potentially be solved through some rephrasing (subject prefix or email body), I find the behaviour of 2. problematic.

Maybe I've got used to other forum software but can somebody shine some light into the current workflow of dealing with (flagged) PMs ?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I'm not sure I follow.

Was this a general "spam" type flag or a custom "type in extra stuff to send to the moderators" flag? Basically:

In the latter case there is a parallel discussion topic created to contain the text the user entered.

(Costin Leau) #3

Sorry for the delay. It was the first check-box ("it's inappropriate").

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Ok, so there was no back-channel discussion PM created for this, as there would have been with a "something else" flag. It was an inappropriate flag on a PM itself.

I think the confusion is either

  • people saw something that they thought was a public post.


  • in seeing a private message, they thought this was the discussion about the flag

Perhaps the main thing to learn is "be careful when you see the envelope in the title bar, you are looking at a private topic".

You can also tell by looking at the recipients of the message:

If the message was not sent to moderators, it is someone else's PM they are viewing because it was flagged.

  • Moderators have access to private messages during the time the flag is active. Once the flag is dismissed, moderators can no longer access the private message

  • Admins can always access private messages at any time

  • All Staff (that is, moderators and admins) will see the red flag indicators,

(system) #5