Etiquette on how to get attention to a thread with a few answers

I had a question about index management, which was in the process or being answered. The user even asked a few clarification so you will be able to answer me more appropriately, but after his last questions 21 days ago, there were no more sign from him. I waited about 1 week before using an @ mention, to no avail. Also any researches from my side didn't bring me any further into finding a solution.

What would be the proper etiquette or course of action in this case? I'd really like to find an answer to my dilemna and the information I got from the other user makes me really think the answer should be out there.

(This thread?)

While we do try to respond to everything we can, it's hard to guarantee an answer. Ultimately we need to balance our time working on our day-to-day responsibilities, while also trying to assist our community as much as we can, and sometimes other things end up taking priority (including life outside work :slight_smile: ).
We appreciate that can be frustrating.

Yes that's the one. And I understand that, thus why I asked on recommandation on which course of action I should take. The most frustrating is that I feel I was about to get the answer, and I can't find it myself.

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