Handling unmapped fields with Suggest feature

I am trying to implement suggest feature - Suggest Usage | Elasticsearch .NET Client [8.4] | Elastic for handling misspelled words in my search implementation.

My search query is executed across multiple indices but while trying to use the suggest functionality , i am running into failures due to unmappaed fields.

Suppose i have an index named People which has a field - "name". Another index named news which has a field named - "title". My query was executed across both indices at the same time and search query had rules defined for both name and title fields. But while using suggest, i only want to return suggestions for name field in person index as part of the same query. As a result of this my news index is returning a failure that no mapping found for field name.

Is there a work- around in the suggest functionality via which i can specify an index name for the field mentioned in suggest - Suggest Usage | Elasticsearch .NET Client [8.4] | Elastic OR can i ignore unmapped fields and continue to return search results from the other index (news) without returning any suggestions for misspelled words for that index.

Can someone help on the above issue

Still looking for help on the above issue

Can anyone assist on this issue ?

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