Unmapped types in Suggest

I am trying to implement suggest feature - Suggesters | Elasticsearch Guide [8.5] | Elastic for handling misspelled words in my search implementation.

My search query is executed across multiple indices but while trying to use the suggest functionality , i am running into failures due to unmappaed fields.

Suppose i have an index named People which has a field - "name". Another index named news which has a field named - "title". My query was executed across both indices at the same time and search query had rules defined for both name and title fields. But while using suggest, i only want to return suggestions for name field in person index. As a result of this my news index is returning a failure that no mapping found for field name.

Is there a work- around in the suggest functionality via which i can specify an index name for the field OR how can i ignore unmapped fields and continue without returning any suggestions for misspelled words for that index.

The only thing I can think of would be to use _msearch, and then discretely query the two indices in the one request.

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