Hangup sorting small result set by string in large index

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I am having problems with server hanging up when sorting by a (short) string field (not analyzed/tokenized) on small result sets (less than 8k records) in a large index (12 million record type + 30 million record type). Whenever I do this I get 1-3 servers (out of 10) hanging with 1.0 util (cluster still green, but the hung servers stop responding to further queries, including status queries, and has to be restarted to work again). Sorting by int and float on the same result sets come back with no delay.

Sorting on smaller indexes (30k record type + 32k record type) by a string field also comes back with no delay (match_all). This is on 0.16.2.

Has anybody else run into similar problems? If somebody can point me to some common gotchas when sorting by a string field on small result sets in a large index it'll be much appreciated.

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