Hardware Configuration Setup for ELK

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We are trying to setup ELK in production to gather all our postfix-mail logs to show in an UI for the email delivery questions.

Please let me know the hardware configuration required for the setup.

#we have 300 servers mail logs will be gathering and realtime date needs to be shown in kibana UI.

Please let me know if you need any detais from my end.

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May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:


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Thank you for your valuable suggestions on sizing. I have some queries on sizing still.
As I mentioned earlier we have 300 servers postfix mail logs data will be pushed to logstash and the current live data of 300 mail servers will be around 1500mb data daily.

We want the postfix-mail logs data of 30days in logstash to get view of data in Kibana where how elastic search node/server should be scalable. Now my question is in what server configuration I need to look for logstash and elastic search separately?

Please suggest and help me to build a server seperately.

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I believe the links I pasted and the video would give you a lot of ideas.

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