Suggestions - Hardware and software configurations of Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana

(Shankar Mane) #1

what we want to setup is :

  • Kafka server => Kafka-logstash-input plugin => Elasticsearch => Kibana

  • Use => Real-time analysis

  • Analysis frequency => last 1 week data

Below are the our Kafka message system details :

  • Message rate for kafka server => 30000 records / seconds
  • Message format => json
  • Mesage Size => 5Kb / record
  • Expected daily data size => 500 GB

Could you please give us some hardware and configuration suggestions?. here are the some:

  • AWS instances hardware configurations.
  • Memory (RAM) and CPU Tuning configurations for all software's like Kafka-logstash-input plugin => Elasticsearch => Kibana
  • Hard Disk requirements.
  • Data compression Methods.
  • Other configurations like sharding, replicas etc..

(Angad) #2

With elasticsearch its best to experiment with hardware as requirements may vary with what type of content you are indexing, number of fields, query rate, shards, replicas.

For me - Currently using 20 nodes for 350GB per day of log messages with over 1000 different fields (each message contains upto 20-30 fields). We store data for the past 90 days but only have open indices for past 10 days.
each node is a physical box with 64gb RAM, 2x3TB RAID 0 disks, 12 cores.
number of shards - 20
number of replicas - 3

We dont use kafka - but use logstash-forwarder and logstash for receiving and processing logs.

Would be interesting to hear other setups of similar or larger scale.

(system) #3