Hardware prerequiste


I would like to know what is the minimal hardware requirement of ( CPU, RAM, STORAGE) to deploye Elasticsearch on an environment .

Thank you

That depends entirely on what you are going to use it for. If you can provide some details around your use case someone might be able to give some guidance.

i will use it for collecting and corralling logs from different sources of logs like FW, IPS , AD , Antivirus

How much data will you index per day? How long do you need to keep the data?

for data per day we cover 1500Event per second (EPS) and about long i need , is for 3 month in-line

How large are the events? What data volume per day does that correspond to?

I would recommend having a look at the following resources:


For large of event i dont have an exactly number because it depend on every log source , thank you christian

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