Has anyone gotten logstash to pull from IBM WebSphere MQ?

Attempting to use MQ instead of redis, not having much luck.

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whyapenny, have you been successful with this? I'd also like to get logstash and WebSphere MQ working together.

sort of. The use is JMS. look up https://rubygems.org/gems/logstash-input-jms. it requires logstash 2.0 which is still beta. Once installed, just do /path/to/logstash/bin/plugin install logstash-input-jms

Look here for the data on how to configure

Check here for info on the jms.yml file https://github.com/logstash-plugins/logstash-input-jms/blob/master/spec/inputs/jms.yml

just copy the whole thing, or parts you need, and modify as necessary. then from the logstash config you call the portion(s) you need.

best of luck


As an alternative, I use ActiveMQ with the STOMP input / output plugins for logstash.
This works quite well and adds me another layer of data protection und seperation of log shipping / processing to my pipeline.

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