Have Kibana display a numeric field value in hexadecimal


How can I tell Kibana to display a numeric field in hexadecimal or octal?

I have looked into the formatting options and numeral.js, but nothing concerning which base to use for displaying numeric values...

I'd like to avoid adding multi-fields to my indices for data numeric to cope with that.

Thanks for the help !


hi @makibroshett,

You can use scripted fields to do that. Use the conversion methods exposed by the Painless scripting language.

E.g., for a double to HEX conversion, it'd look something like:


More info about the Painless API you can find here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/painless/master/painless-api-reference.html


Hi Thomas

Ah! Another aspect of E(L)K I had never scratched. It worked great, thank you for pointing me to that.

Best regards


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I needed to change the dns.id of packetbeats to hex so that I could easily visualize my wireshark pcap files.

Here is the painless script I used for that.

if (doc['dns.id'].size()==0) {
  return "-";

long dnsId = doc['dns.id'].value;

String asHex = Long.toHexString(dnsId);

return "0x" + asHex