HEAD request to [indexname]/_alias/[aliasname] seems to always return 200 OK

Elasticsearch version: 5.4.2
Kibana version: 5.4.2
Elasticsearch.Net + NEST version 5.4.0

When making a head request to check for the existence of an alias in an index, it appears to always return 200 OK even if there are no alias that match the name. For example:

GET _alias


  ".kibana": {
    "aliases": {}
  "crelate": {
    "aliases": {}

In the meantime,

HEAD crelate/_alias/testfdfddf


200 - OK

If I were to try:

HEAD _alias/testfdfddf

this returns a more expected result:

404 - Not Found

These queries were performed in the Kibana Dev Tools Console, but I noticed the same results when making these calls using Elasticsearch.Net. Is this the intended behavior? Or is my syntax incorrect? The goal is to check for the existence of an alias in an index.

See https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/pull/25043. It will be fixed in 5.5.0.

Thanks @jasontedor for the response!

You're welcome.

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