Heap (Shard Amount and Close Index)

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i have a question regarding saving Heap Space for the ES Nodes. As far as i know there is a shard Limit per Node due to heap usage / management.

And there seems also a kind of "calculation" Formula ( for each node stays below 20 per GB of heap) which definetely is not correct but could help to get an Idea.

I facing now the problem...that the es-cluster gets dynamically new indexes which mostly are only used from time to time. This means the amount of "active" shards grows more and more. I know i could increase the cluster with new nodes.

But my question is would it also help if i close indicies? https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/master/indices-close.html

Will the memory then be lower and is actually a good practice todo so?

Next question which Parameters are responsible for the duration of reopening the index? Size only?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

This is a fairly general recommendation coming from the fact that a lot of users tend to get into trouble by over-sharding, which can cause a lot of problems. Some of it is related to heap usage, but it is also related to the size of the cluster state (keeping track of shards and mappings) and the time it takes to apply and propagate changes.

There have been changes to heap usage in the latest versions which may make heap usage less of a concern though.

This does not help as much as it used to in older versions as the cluster still keeps track of closed shards and heap usage has been improved. If indices are only sporadically queried and not changed once created it may be a better option to forcemerge them down to a single segment and then freeze them. That way they are available as read-only and use very little resources and you do not have to reopen to search.

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oh wow thanks for that detailed answer. This helps me a lot in understanding but it leads me into additional questions :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome which exactly? 7.8 or the upcoming 7.9?

Ah good to know i saw already the freeze/unfreeze API. It seems to be an X-PACK feature but i do not get which license in the end is needed to use it. This side https://www.elastic.co/de/subscriptions
does not refer the freeze API. Any Idea?

I mean freeze sounds even better than just closing. But for resource consumption is it simliar? Or is freeze even more resource saving?

Index freeze is available with the Basic level license and uses minimal resources just like closing indices.

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