Heap space issues

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I am using ES 1.5.2 version . Is shard allocation causes heap space issues ? can you please explain me what will happen if shards allocation disabled , es node restart and shards allocation enabled again. in this node restart process i found my nodes running out of heap space i have 24 GB of machines with 12 GB of heap space for each es node in my cluster . please advice me

some times my heap is also not clearing when restarted my cluster. can you please explain me why it is happening but when i do _cache/clear and flush heap space is clearing. please advice me where i have to configure these settings.


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Every shard requires a bit of heap space, so allocating a new shard requires this as well. Also there are more factors, like fielddata (as you are using a pretty ancient version of Elasticsearch from almost 2.5 years ago). But also the indexing buffers, thread pools plus queues, filter cache, parent/child cache and many more things need heap space. You can use the monitoring APIs to find out where parts of your heap go.

Also, please update your Elasticsearch version, you will get more performance, more stability and a ton of features.

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Hi @spinscale

thank you for reply . can you please tell me , Is these factors come under every es restart ?
once a node restart happens , heap space , al caches will be clear this is my assumption please correct me if i am wrong.

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