Heartbeat Alerting Question


I am trying to find out a way to do alerting on downed hosts with watcher though I am running into an issue trying to figure out how to handle throttling the alerts. Once a given host is down I only want it to send one email alert then throttle for 24 hours. But I still want it to alert if a new host goes down meaning I can't really use the throttle feature.

One solution could be to make a watcher for each host but I don't know what the scalability/performance impact of that would be.

Has anyone else ran into a similar situation with alerting using watcher?

@Kyle123 It used to be true that creating a watch per host didn't scale. However, that is no longer the case, and should work just fine!

Since Elasticsearch 6.0, watches are running distributed across the cluster, so you can run far more watches at parallel.

Can you indicate about how many hosts you want to monitor?

We are looking to monitor around 250 hosts.

you can easily do that on a per host base.

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