Hearbeat watcher template


(Dinesh Senthil Kumar) #1

do we have default watcher for heartbeat monitoring. i need an alert by mail when a server goes down.

(Alexander Reelsen) #2


there is no common example. The main reason for this is, that there are many different definitions of down and how to act on it. Do you want to have an email sent, if there is only a single DOWN event for a host? Or do you wait for at least three events? Would you like not to get notified after the first DOWN event and so forth. So this looks easy on the outside, but it's important to think through it.

if you come up with your scenario we can check what we can do about it.


(Dinesh Senthil Kumar) #3

HI Alex,

Thanks for the revert, we want to be notified as soon as server goes down. we are pinging this for every 50seconds and running the watcher for 1m.

(Alexander Reelsen) #4

then you basically just need to query for the down state and have a terms aggregation on the id of the heartbeat.

(system) #5

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