Heartbeat dashboard in Kibana visualizing not showing expected

Hi guys, i started 1 application and another is down. Can I know why my graph not showing equal. It showing both green greater than red. Anything i did wrong? Please advice

Can I ask why you're using a dashboard instead of the Uptime app?

Calculating the max of summary.up is probably not what you want. What you probably want is the sum of unique monitor IDs or the sum of summary.up

The summary fields count unique measured endpoints, and usually only are > 1 when mode: all is enabled in heartbeat. In that mode each DNS record is checked separately, so if you have two A records for your domain and both are up you'll get summary.up: 2

And to add to @Andrew_Cholakian1

Even if you do want to do this for some reason your filters are malformed.

Mine looks fine but this approach will not scale well....

Perhaps tell us what you are trying to accomplish.

"As a user I want to see a graph...... "

What i want to achieve is to see the list of services that is up and down. So i should se like ok, google is down

i will give a try. uptime i cant do as i using my own idnex pattern. i not quite sure what are the mapping needed

You can use Uptime with any index pattern. Can you share your heartbeat config here? That would help, especially the Elasticsearch output portion

Please refer below


- type: tcp
  id: environment
  name: environment
  enabled: true
  schedule: '@every 5s'
  hosts: [""]
  ports: [22]
  timeout: 16s

- type: http
  id: myapp
  name: myapp
  schedule: '@every 5s'
  hosts: [""]
  check.request.method: GET
  check.response.status: [200]
  timeout: 16s

  hosts: ["logstash:5044"]
  ssl.certificate_authorities: ["<cert path>"]
  ssl.verification_mode: 'certificate'
  ssl.certificate: "<cert path>"
  ssl.key: "<cert path>"

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