Heartbeat error dashbord

hi pllzz help me
i install heartbeat to monitor URLS but the problem is urls is up but in dashboard show "down"

heartbeat.yml :
- type: icmp
schedule: '*/5 * * * * * *'
hosts: ["51.77.."]

  • type: tcp
    schedule: '@every 5s'
    hosts: ["51.77..:9200"] # default TCP Echo Protocol
    check.send: "Check"
    check.receive: "Check"
  • type: http
    schedule: '@every 5s'
    urls: ["https://www.google.com:80/service/status"]
    method: GET
    #check.response.status: 200
    status: 200
    body: Elasticsearch
    logging.level: debug

limit: 10

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