Heartbeat Monitoring for Windows Servers

I have tried to setup heartbeat monitoring for windows servers. I have setup IMCP through the Module.d folder. The heartbeat service starts and shows the server as up. I can power down the server and the monitor still shows as up. How can I fix this and what did I not setup correctly?

Thanks in Advance

Can you replicate this with the ping command from the same box? Are you sure that IP is truly un-pingable during the down period?

If so, can you share a document from the heartbeat index showing it as up when it should be down?

Sorry for the long delay. I think I know why it is still showing up. When I ping the server there is a response coming from the server that I sent the ping from saying "The server is not responding", so the heartbeat is getting a response and then shows as Up.

I hope that makes sense.

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