Config for Monitoring Windows Services by heartbeat error

I have my elasticsearch, logstash, kibana running inside docker. The files filebeat ships are from another server. Firstly, I just want to see if up/down status is provided for windows services.

  • Can I install heartbeat on the filebeat server where my logs are or is it better to install on docker?
  • If I install heartbeat inside docker ,this will be my configuration file for heartbeat-
- type: icmp
  hosts: ["xxxxx"]
  schedule: '@every 10s'
  timeout: 16s
- type: icmp
  hosts: ["xxxx"]

I am not sure how to define monitoring windows service's for url.

@Andrew_Cholakian1 I read your comment on a post similar to this. Could you please help?

We only support monitoring of icmp/tcp/http with heartbeat. If your service responds to these protocols you can monitor that.

Generally, people install a central heartbeat or two to monitor many boxes, but you don't have to do things this way.

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