How to set up a watcher for the status of beats

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We have Filebeat, Metricbeat, Packetbeat, and Auditbeat all enabled across multiple servers.

I am stumped as to how to set up a watcher that alerts me if a beat in a specific server goes down.

I've looked at Central Management, Heartbeat and looked at the .monitoring-* index. But without any luck.

Central Management doesn't seem to have an alert feature.
Heartbeat only works for icmp, http, or tcp.
the .monitoring-* index has beat data but if the beat is down I won't be receiving data from it. An idea I had is to query Filebeat monitoring data and if hit is 0 alert me.

But I am not sure if that's the best option or if it's practical.

Advice / recommendation would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You could setup a watch that checks for the existence of data in .monitoring-beats-* in the past X duration. If it's not there, then it's possible the beat is down. There could be other reasons for the non-existence of data in this index (e.g. beat is up but there's a network issue somewhere along the path that gets the monitoring data from the beat into .monitoring-beats-*) so you might get some false positives.

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Hello Shaunak, thank you for your help.

I had a little think about this. How would I set up the query for that? and how would alerting work?

Is it a case of of checking there are records for mericbeat, filebeat, auditbeat and packetbeat on server1 and repeating that for every server? Because then the alerting wouldn't be specific. Ideally I would like an alert that says, filebeat for server1 is down.

Unless there is a better way to make the watcher?

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