Heartbeat showing application as down even when its up


I have an application URL 1 that redirects to a different URL 2. From browser when I hit URL 1 , it redirects me to URL 2 and in network I can see that URL 1 returns response code as 302 as its redirecting to URL 2. But when I monitor URL 1 using heartbeat, heartbeat is showing as 404. Please assist !

NOTE: I was able to ping the host of URL 1 as well from CMD prompt.

Can you access the host via curl? If it's a 404 there's something about the way the app is reacting to heartbeat that is different. It could also be an issue where the URL needs you to be logged in or have a special header.

Yes, I'm able to access the URL via curl and getting 302 as expected. Getting 404 only via heartbeat.