Heat Map visualization of Azure DevOps Pipeline build

Hello Experts,
we are trying to create a Heat map to reflect last 10 pipeline builds for environments (Dev, Test, Prod)

In the metric section we had chosen the count , in the x axis we had taken the Date histogram and build finish time as field , and in the Y axis we have selected aggregation as terms --> environment (Dev, Test, Prod). now in order to get the last 10 builds per environment we selected the Split chart and in column --> terms --> id (build) , but we are not getting the appropriate heatmap .
My questions is whether I am going in the right direction or some other approach is required ??
do we need to have a scripted field for build results ??
Any pointers ??


If you want to show the "last 10 builds" for each environment, I think you should not use a heat map. Instead, I think you should go to Discover and save your query 3 times with different filters, then put each table into your dashboard. So you can add three filters: Dev, test, prod and then compare the most recent documents that match those filters.

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