Can I create Kibana Heat Map based on many different saved DSL queries?

Here is what I'd like to do:
In Kibana, I'd like to create a Heat Map where each box in the heat map represents the result of a specific saved query. Each box in the heatmap should represent the count of the result of each saved query. So for example, if I had 100 saved queries, the heatmap should have 100 boxes. If the count of a particular query is greater than 0, then the color of that box should change from green to a different color. My original primitive approach was to use the python API and just issue 100 separate queries and report back if any of the queries had a hit count greater than 0 (this approach does not use Kibana at all). Using a Kibana Heat Map would be a great visualization to show the results of all 100 queries. Then, clicking on a box where the count of a query was greater than 1, would lead the user to the underlying syslog data to be viewed in discover. I tried ChatGPT quite a bit but the results were wrong.

That's not really possible in kibana. probably the closest one would be to use metric visualizations on a dashboard, where each of it changes color based on value(it's an option in the editor). But it doesn't really scale, so if you want to have 100 boxes, you have to create 100 visualizations.

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