Custom Heatmap Color Schemes for Kibana Visualization

Hi guys,

I want to create a Heatmap with custom color schemes in Kibana.
For instance, I have a time-series and an attribute "STATUS", I would like to see on the same Visualization all the data that comes through, but highliting all the STATUS=FAILED in a red-color-scheme, all the rest on green/blue/etc.

Currently, if I decide to choose the "gradient" (green --> red) color scheme, I would get "reds" if I have large amount of data in the matrix, and green on small amounts.

In some cases it is okay to have large amount of STATUS=SUCCESS, but I don't want it in a "red".

Making to different Visualizations goes against the point of the Heatmap in this use-case.

Would "Vega" be an option for this? If yes, how?


I don't believe it's possible to use a single Heap Map visualization in the way you are describing. Like you hint at, you could have one just for STATUS=FAILED documents and another for STATUS=SUCCESS. If you put these into a dashboard alongside one another that may be close to what you're looking for.

You should be able to achieve this with Vega, though the details you will have to do some digging on to get what you're looking for. The Vega site has great examples for heatmaps that you could base your needs on.

Hope that helps!

Hi Josh,

Many thanks for your answer.
I'll have a look into Vega.

Thanks a lot for the help and guidance.


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