Creating a matrix visualization in kibana

Hello, all

So I was kind of dissatisfied with the kibana visualization types available. I'm running mostly metricbeat on tons of servers, and I want a way to easily look at a single value for every host. Optimally, I would like to have a visualization in which every host is represented by a dot, and that dot has a color value, based on a single metric which has been reported about that host during a certain time period. This is somewhat achieved under the "infrastructure" tab but I would like to do this as a visualization. If I've missed a way that I can do this with the existing visualization types, please let me know, but I'm realizing that I'm probably going to have to hand code this with vega. I have absolutely no experience in vega, so if anybody has any pointers or ideas please post them here.


Sorry that we don't currently have the visualization you are looking for. Please consider adding your use case to this enhancement request.
There is a nice collection of Vega examples here. Maybe there is something useful there.

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