Clickable Metric Visualization (Or alternatives)

Hey All,
I know it is impossible to have a metric visualization that can be clickable for drill-down purposes. I thought as a workaround to create a Vega visualisation.
Is this possible? i.e. create with vega a clickable metric visualization? When I click it I will be redirected to a new URL.
If yes, how? Any tutorial or step by step guide will be great.
If no, any suggestions? Maybe a clickable bar graph?

Hi @AClerk,

we are currently working on better support for this, but currently it's not possible to link to another URL when clicking a bar in a regular bar graph.

However with vega you can achieve this, just make sure to use the svg renderer, not the canvas one. This question covers the same use case: Vega Image + Link display in Kibana

Thanks for the reply.
That is what I am trying to achieve.
However, I am getting hard time with the Vega visualisation.

Is there a tutorial for creating a Vega-metric visual? So when clicking it I will be redirected to a specific page?
Or a Vega-bar-chart visual that each bar will redirect me to a different page?


There is a section about vega in the Kibana docs:

For the specific use case of linking bars you can use the information in the other thread I linked above.

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